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Start Date27-02-2018
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Angie Lee (Tel : 2788 5028)

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Nature and Objective

Financial PR is gaining popularity and has been quickly developed as a profession of its own. Used to be one of the departments in major investment banks, nowadays this function is a career of its own for its high requirement in mobility, flexibility and complexity in communicating complicated investment concepts with simple language; addressing the issues in a timely manner, with a common goal of attracting investors for its clients.
In this course, participants will learn a variety of skills, from hard knowledge of financial products and market situation to soft-skills of communication, negotiation, and crisis-management. Seasoned experts will be invited to share their practical experience

How Will You Benefit
1. To get hold of the basic knowledge and languages commonly applied in financial activities;
2. To know the channel to keep themselves updated in the market;
3. Acquire necessary skills to perform the tasks required in the field, such as drafting of statement, event management, etc.;
4. Equip themselves with the communication skills required in order to succeed in the field

Who Should Attend

  • For those who are working in the financial, public relations and communication industry, who would like to have a broader picture of the industry and inspiration of  their jobs;
  • For those who are interested in events and exhibitions promotion in the financial sector; who need to learn the latest development and practical knowledge of the industry via multi-media tools;
  • For the general public who would like to know more about financial PR and investor relations, current trend of multi-media publicity in the financial sector

  1. An Overview of the Financial Market I
  2. An Overview of the Financial Market II
  3. Dialogue with Experts: The stories behind each deal
  4. The procedure involved in organizing a road show and press conference
  5. Useful tips in drafting important public statements
  6. Dialogue with Experts: Organizing a road show
  7. Branding and media
  8. Crisis management
  9. Future trend
  10. Presentation – Assessment Day

Duration / Time
27 Feb - 29 Mar 2018, (Tue & Thu)
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm, 10 sessions (3 hours per session)

Course Fee
HK$7,980 / HK$7,380*
*(for participants who enroll on or before 13 Feb 2018 / 2 or more enrolments at the same time)

Award of Certificate
Participants who have attained at least 80% attendance and have satisfactorily completed an assignment will be awarded the certificate issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council

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